Greetings I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope and Mother of Change and Mother of Love – welcome children of my heart, my legion of light, my peaceful warriors – I welcome you – each and every one of you. Come to me as I come to you, not as distant matriarch but as mother who loves you; who tends to you. I want to be clear – it is not that I wish to tend to you; I tend to you, to each and every one of you. And the more you allow me to tend to you the happier I am and the more I will do. Sweet angels, yes I have asked the channel to remind you of my cloak of blue that I so gladly give and share with you – but I also wish to remind you this day of my blue flame of hope.

Hope is what is required in the bleakest moments when you feel that you are being overcome by confusion or despair or abandonment. When you are looking around and you can’t see what you are looking for which is your self, your true self. It is much easier to hope and to hold hope and trust when things are smooth, when they are going well. But it is also essential to do so because you build on the hope – when you have the hope and the trust it moves into stillness and action and manifestation. Do not forget that the beginning of manifestation, of creation, even prior to intent is having my blue flame of hope in your heart. If you do not have the hope and the trust then the formulation of intent is futile – you are wasting your time. I have imbedded my blue flame of hope in each one of your hearts. You can hope for small things or you can hope for large things – I do not sit here and sort by category. When that plea of hope and that belief of trust are directed to me I always, always respond. And if you feel that I do not respond in the way that you anticipate or expect or want then I ask you to trust me that there is an unfoldment that is better – and it is not just for my unfoldment but for yours – for my plan is inclusive of yours. Do not turn away from me – I have said to thee I will show up in every living room if that is what it takes for you to trust me and come to know me.

I sit with you to co-create, to weave your dreams into reality that expresses in your 3rd dimension. For this is where Nova Earth is located. Yes, you will ascend into the 7th (dimension) – you are already there but you manifest in the 3rd. It is important above and below and therefore it will be that this is a time of manifestation. When I have asked all of you to step forward it is not just to stand there – because the stepping forward is manifestation, it is creating, it is bringing forth whether it is a change in attitude, which is an expression of the heart, whether it is the healing of the planet, the healing of a community. This is holding the hope, stepping forward and manifesting. It is a continuum my children, it is a process. And yes it is not distinct – now I am at intending, now I am at still point, now I am in action – it is a flow – think of it as the infinity back and forth cocooned by gratitude and love. It is a basic universal law – this is how things work on your planet.

I want to teach you, I want to show you, I want to do it with you; I want to sit and rejoice when you manifest what your heart desires. And then I want to start planning with you again as you start again. As a mother, when your baby starts to crawl you do not turn away and say “that is beautiful – my job is done”. No, you watch as they begin to walk, and then run, and then venture forth into the world.

I am your Mother for eternity, turn to me in that way, share your fears and give them to me, share your dreams and show me how they manifest – if you need my help I am here. I will never let you down. I am so proud of you and I love you – each and every one of you. I love you with my whole heart. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon February 7, 2009