Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus Christ, and I am Jesus and I am Jeshua, it does not matter what name you call me by because I am with you and I am with you consistently in all ways. And, beloved friends, I am pleased to step forward this day and talk to you in what has come to be known as the Christmas message although this message has begun in Sedona and it will end next year.

I wish to speak to you about the energy of this time, not only of this time of year that you celebrate but also the time that is opening up for you over the course of the next several months. Yes, several months of your time, my beloved friends, a second of ours. It is a time of opportunity, it is a time of growth, it is a time of expansion, acceptance and allowance of who you are. It is in the incorporation of the energies that are surrounding you and it is in the choices, the conscious, physical action choices, the choices of your heart, the decisions of your mind, for what is opportunity without choices, decision and action? It is meaningless.

Opportunity has many faces, and opportunity has need to be examined and embraced with unique discernment, and outside the realm of judgment. Because very often the human experience of judgment is completely erroneous. Think of my beginnings, dear one, which was not myth it was actuality, my beloved mother, the Queen of Heaven, having to labor on a donkey that was as stubborn as a mule and far from gentle.

I was born in a barn, swaddled in rags, in a cradle of hay.We did not have any luxury, we had a little bit of that which was given to us, and fresh water. The people would not say in your society that this was great opportunity, they would say, “oh, no, he had a very rough start.” My beloved friends, the opportunity I was given to be born, to enter, and to be surrounded in this way was miraculous, for I was swaddled in my mother’s womb and fed her essence, and I was protected and watched over by my beloved father, Jophiel. Kings and shepherds and angels gathered to welcome me, to celebrate with me, my choice, my decision to incarnate, and to walk the world not only in service but in love.

Opportunities grew as I grew, and although if one was to point to what you think was the physical circumstance looked like it would be incomplete because as I grew I was constantly in that energy field, penetrated by my mother and father and many who loved and cherished me. This is what made me strong, secure and clear, this is what made me able to go forward in my choices, in my decisions, even when they went against the grain of my parents. Never did that support or love vary.

So this was my unique opportunity. Now why do I bring this up? Because, my beloved friends, you are being the given exactly the same opportunity at this time. The mother isn’t simply showering from above she is penetrating you in your household, in your daily activities, she is standing next to you, behind you, her energy because of its potency is penetrating directly through you – whether you acknowledge it, know it, accept it or not. Yes, for there are many times when I thought I was alone, when I thought I had solitude or I would sneak off, still my mother’s energy would penetrate me. She would know exactly what I was up to, as did my father.

You are surrounded at this time as you never have been before, not only with the energy of our mother but with the energy of many, including myself.

This is unique, this is a unique opportunity, it is not just expansion; it is not just a change in frequency, it is a human opportunity. And it is an opportunity for you not only to choose but to change and to alter, and to go forward in directions and ways that you choose that are reflective of the truth of your dreams, of your heart, and who you wish to be, who you are, and who you wish to be in terms of that expression upon the Earth. You are supported as never before.

This is a magnificent opportunity, it is the opportunity I was given, and now it has been given to all of you. And it is not a matter of accepting or not accepting it is in your very household. So what will you do with it? Last week we posed the question to you: “What do you choose, individually and collectively as a circle, what do you choose to create this year?” And we ask you not simply to pose the question, but so that we may be involved in this creation, that we may assist you. If you never answer the question then you are unclear, not only with yourself but with all of us, the Universe, about where you wish to be helped.

And dear hearts, we are prepared to help. We are not prepared to do for you, and as we have told you – a year and a half ago – the year of change has made that difference; it is not done for you it, is done with you in co-creation, in partnership. We do not assume to take care of you as the helpless infant, because you are not. Oh yes, you will have moments when you will feel that you are, and then that is to simply clear and let go and then to acknowledge your own strengths and might, and to stand there with us in reverence as we stand with you in reverence.

This is not about equality, this is about honoring what each being brings forth. It is a tapestry and you are an essential thread, changes in the creation of Nova Earth, are created from the choices of your heart, whether it is to heal the rivers and waters, to recycle, to start a new career, to start new relationships. But essentially, beloved angels, it is about a new relationship from self to self. It is about a deeper understanding about the opportunity to be alive, the opportunities to live in joy and the expression of love.

Always it comes back to love, this will never change. You know that you are loved, but I ask you once more, do you love and cherish yourself? Do you love and cherish yourself enough to trust, enough to accept this opportunity, to say to me, ‘Jeshua, I will not let this one get away’.

I am with you, I have come to the earth, many choose to call me Saviour, I choose to call you brother and sister, family of my heart, of my very soul. When you wish advice, assistance, encouragement, a helping hand, turn to me, your brother, and I will help, I will assist. I will not do, but I will show you what to do.

Go with my infinite love, my admiration. I give you my heart of joy and I share with you my opportunity. Go in peace and peace will be yours in this year.


Channeled by Linda Dillon