We have felt the penetration of the sacred essence of the Mother and the enormous expansion of energy over the past 6 months. The theme of my phone calls is that many feel that they have been pushed to the edge of meltdown. There is a pervasive feeling of not knowing that you can go on, because with that expansion has come the often dramatic clearing and rebuilding of our sacred selfs. St. Germaine reminds us in this channeling of the tools at our fingertips, but most importantly the power of the Violet Flame.

Greetings, I am Germaine. I have not spoken to you in awhile so I figured it was my turn. Welcome my legion of violet, my friends, my brothers and sisters of Earth. Welcome to this Council and to this time of healing as you prepare to jump forward on your chosen journey of life.

It has been a time of incubation, a time of standing back in observation, of observing the chaos and allowing the penetration, the energy of the Mother to reach each and every heart of every being upon the planet.

Now we speak to you of healing not only of the earth, dear ones, but of your own sacred self as you prepare to step forward into the wonder of who you are and into the wonder of Nova Earth. The time of inactivity is coming to an end for you are bored. You are a race that loves change and at the same time despises it. When it is not the change that you have asked for you disavow your participation. We always find that very humorous that you claim your place as co-creators and then back away when it is not in perfection.

Dearheart, there is much debris that rises to the surface right now not only within your own sacred self, but within the community of mankind, of womankind, of animal-kind, of all the elements, of all the creatures of all kingdoms. It comes forth for healing for prior to creation and with creation is the healing of everything that is not of wholeness. It is not simply a matter of cleansing for, while there is much that is to simply be washed away there are other areas that need to be healed – corners of the soul, belief systems and places within your mind, pockets within your body. You say to me, beloved friend, “How do I do this?” And so I tell you, it is as simple as inserting my Violet Flame within. That essence of warmth and the power of cleansing, of restoration and rejuvenation will take place.

Many of you have forgotten the times when we have sat in Atlantis and healed the planet and the world. It is important to use the tools at hand, and your Earth is being flooded with them. It is not a matter of redundancy; it is a matter of using these tools in concert together for what one misses the other will get. It is not simply removal it is replenishment as well, so understand that.

One of the tools you are given for the clearing out of the old, the removal, is the energy balancing machines (EBM). Then replenish with something like mangostein (Xango juice), with something like Galactic Grace essences, with something like the Soul2Soul combination essences. But the primary usage of the Violet Flame will work wonders, it always has for within the center of the flame is the (I am) presence. It does not matter whether you are using the Violet Flame on your lungs or knees or heartbreak. It does not matter whether it is spiritual despair and isolation. It does not matter whether it is the soiling of the earth and the planet. The Violet Flame will heal. So, I step forward this day to remind you that I have not disappeared. I am with you and I am very, very busy and as you prepare to step forward heal yourself, heal your friends, heal your family, heal your planet. Farewell