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An Hour with an Angel       Dec 29, 2016 Linda Dillon       Channel for the Council of Love Steve Beckow     Host, InLight Radio Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone. Linda is going to be channeling Mother Mary, the Lady of Guadalupe, which to me is simply the Divine Mother in form, and it’s going to be our annual …


This beloved master rarely comes forward but this week he and St. Germaine were spotted in Colorado…Djwhal Khul speaks to this and much more…”We can talk about the elimination of lack and limitation and we can talk about the creation of balance in the exact same breath; we can share that space because they are …


Archangel Michael has beckoned us to co-create Peace on Earth many times, the last time being from February 18, 2006 to February 16, 2008. All of this was in preparation for our planned Ascension in 2012. Now we are being blessed and invited to enter into the fullness of our spiritually mature co-creative sacred union. …


The Council of Love’s meditation to guide you in anchoring your sacred self in the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love. The more often you do this meditation the more potent it will become. You are anchoring and activating not only for your sacred self but for the collective of humanity. Thanks for watching! xxxx