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This planet in all her diversity, in all her splendor, in all her beauty and might, quietude and certitude and vitality, she exhibits to you as we exhibit to you the power, the sweetness, the splendor of diversity. . The Splendor of Diversity Universal Mother Mary Saturday Conference Call       20180901 Linda Dillon              Channel for the …


The subject of the Cities of Light is re-emerging with vigor. As background for your understanding of these magnificent Cities of Light I offer this earlier channeling which still stands front and center in this unfoldment. For a further update tune into the Love+ podcast this Thursday on I hope you enjoy this amazing …

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Nova Channelers

Archangel Gabrielle: Remember to carve out a space for your sacred selves

Archangel Ariel: I gift you with the strength of the lion and the vision of the condor

Universal Mother Mary Gives Us Her Diamond Blue Cloak of Hope and Compassion

Archangel Gabrielle: There are layers and layers of truth


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