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Conversation after the Saturday conference call channeling.  Linda sharing how this new webinar will unfold… Linda: I know that there’s always more, but this Conscious Creating with the Divine Mother is the name of the new webinar series.  And it feels like the crown jewel in so much of what we have been doing and …


You are bringing to the forefront of your being, of your memory, of your conscious self, what you want – and you are doing this because you have reached a point where what you want and what the Mother commands, demands, dreams, creates is in absolute harmony. This is the time. It is the time of …


Heart speak…this is the original way…this is the way I communicate and conjoin with thee.   Universal Mother Mary Saturday Conference Call    02-03-18 Linda Dillon                 Channel for the Council of Love Meditation: So, let’s begin. Let’s open up our crowns wide open and just for the safety and fun of it, let’s go to the …


You begin to perceive in a much broader way. There is a sense of calmness and including all these divine qualities that we have spoken of at length, so you may feel that there is deeper surrender or broader forgiveness or greater joy, broader trust. AHWAA January 25, 2018 Linda Dillon Channel for the Council …

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