Nova Earth Projects


Welcome to the Council of Love’s Nova Earth Projects Portal. Come on in!


The purpose of this portal is to build community, share experiences and insights, and, to integrate in one spot the various projects that we as Lightworkers and Loveholders are involved in.

We are one circle, united in heart and purpose and this is a way in which we can come together to focus our energies and support one another in this amazing journey of Ascension and co-creating Nova Earth.NEP_image

This list will undoubtedly grow, but our starting point in our joint projects are:

The 13th Octave
Tsunami of Love
Pray for Rain
Peace Now!

Each area has overlap, because it always boils down to Love. Each area includes a meditation, related COL channelings, and a place for you to share and express yourself. My dream is that we have lively exchanges that expand our awareness and understanding of ourselves and each other. My dream is we join together in Sacred Partnership co-creating this magnificent planet of equality, freedom and balance.