Core Issues / Emergence Webinar

When: October 15 – December 3, 2015

Where: On Line – Live webinars and Daily Interactive Forum

Cost:  $444.  A $4,000 value!!

Are you yearning for Ascension, Joy, Fulfillment, Sacred Partnership? Are you dreaming of truly being able to create? Are you tired of being on the same old treadmill?

Core Issues Webinar
Core Issues Webinar

You cannot fully engage in Sacred Partnership, the fullness of your creator self, or complete your Ascension process if you are burdened by the weight of unresolved Core Issues. It’s time to push through and purge these blockages. You deserve to be rid of the pain, grief, sorrow and sense of unworthiness.

Together with the Council of Love, working in an intensity that is not for the faint-hearted but for the absolutely determined, we can do this. We can eliminate these Core Issues once and for all.

Join me for this special live Webinar and comprehensive program to purge our Core Issues and anchor that state of being in wholeness, joy and Love. To register right now click here.

Core Issues are those deep patterns that repeatedly and consistently bar and blind you. And it’s time, right now, for their permanent removal. Who better to walk you through this crucial process at this critical time than the Council of Love? Join me.

The information and understanding of core issues and their role in our Ascension process has grown enormously over the past year. As we are once again being washed and seeded with the Mother’s Love there simply is no desire or room in our being for anything that is less than wholeness. Core Issues are what Archangel Michael calls aberrations and must be released, purged, eliminated – whatever it takes – in order for us to assume the totality of Joy and Love that we truly are.

The nature of these Core Issues and the mechanisms of elimination have grown and morphed significantly. We are not talking about minor issues that the clearing of the past several years has taken care of. Too often what has occurred is that we have been picking at the scab rather than tending to the wound. You deserve, it is your birthright, to fulfill your heart’s desires; completing your mission with ease and grace. How you achieve this is by purging those handfuls of archetypal patterns that keep haunting you year after year and that somehow you have never been completely clear.

It’s time my fellow lightworkers and loveholders to take the plunge and be rid of these Core Issues once and for all – permanently. The Council of Love is inviting (beseeching) you to find the sweetness and joy of being in the truth and balance of your being.

The COL has designed the course structure to give you the energies, attunements, tools and strategies for this elimination. You will have this wisdom at your fingertips and deep within your heart so that if this aberration ever raises its head again you know how to quickly and gracefully abolish it.

  • You will attend 5 live webinar classes with dynamic Q & A ‐ Oct. 15, 22, Nov. 5, 19 and December 3 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. EDT. All sessions are recorded and available to participants on demand. You never have to be concerned about missing or wanting to review a class.
  • You will engage in targeted weekly guided meditations
  • You will receive specially selected pertinent channeled readings
  • You will be enfolded by the live group channelings with Linda Dillon
  • You will jump into our new interactive forum with Linda Dillon fully participating and making herself available for consultation
  • Fee is $444; a special Flex-Pay has been set up for those who want an installment plan of $111 per month. Remember: All Webinar sales are final once the webinars begin.

The purpose of the webinar series is not merely to eliminate Core Issues but to emerge into a higher more joyful balance of Love, Peace and Creation.

Class 1 – Overview

  • Who Am I – if you don’t know who you really are then you can’t clearly identify your Core Issues
  • Overview of Energetics of Gaia and Ascension Right Now
  • Full Initiation into the 13th Octave, the state of Divine Union
  • Inter-dimensional Anchoring
  • Role of Core Issues & Balance

Class 2 – Identifying

  • What is a Core Issue
  • How is a Core Issue Different from your Key Motivator
  • Identifying your core Issue(s)
  • Beginning to Clear Core Issue

Class 3 – Clearing

  • Process of Purging & Elimination
  • Tools
  • Doing /Action
  • Breakthrough

Class 4 – Balance

  • Achieving & Maintaining Balance
  • Strategies for Re-Emergence
  • Next Steps

This is a personal invitation from my heart to yours to join me as we walk together beyond our Core Issues, and onward to our destination of Ascension. Let’s walk this path together.

This is a necessary step and it is a crucial time of growth. I’m suggesting that we all allow the Council of Love to mentor us through this removal process. I’m suggesting that you bring along those near and dear to you. This gift cannot be overstated. Join me as we take this quantum leap together.

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