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How to Channel webinar series begins Feb. 28

When was the last time you chatted with an archangel? Linda Dillon has been teaching people how to channel their Read More


Join us on Inlight Universal tonight

Join us on our premiere show on The Divine Mother is our guest to discuss creation, abundance and Nova Read More


The Meaning of New & More….

With increasing regularity a personal session contains insight of such universal import that it really needs to be shared. Thanks Read More


No Conference Call for Dec. 27, 2014

There will NOT be a conference call on Dec. 27, 2014.


The technical glitches

We apologize for the technical issues experienced during today’s webcast. We will be offering the audio recording to those who Read More

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Heavenly Blessings: Mother Mary on Union and Re-Union – September 23, 2014

2014 is about recovery and re-discovery; sacred union and partnership; unity, surrender and action. Graham Dewyea fills in this week Read More

The Mother Asked & You Answered! Live Stream is a Go!

How do I even begin to say thank you? So often when we are asked to take a leap of Read More

Lake Tahoe After Sunset

Livestream Lake Tahoe Gathering? Testing, Testing… Are you Interested?

Universal Mother Mary won’t leave me alone – and you can imagine what that is like. Since appearing in June Read More


Anchoring & Being Love & Worth by Kathleen Willis

We tend to think of Love as an experience but recently on Linda’s August 23rd, Saturday Conference Call and Tuesday’s Read More


The Magdalena on The Nature of Sacred Partnership

I am the Magdalena. Welcome, and yes, you have felt Yeshua and my gentle presence, and perhaps not so gentle Read More