Co-Creation, Focus and The RV

Every now and then a personal channel includes information of such depth that it is worthy of sharing far and Read More

I Got It. This is It. by Steve Beckow

I’ve understood Ascension all wrongly. I’ve assumed that, ascending, I will have gone elsewhere, to another world, to a higher-vibrational Read More

Everybody Leaves Me: An Introduction to Core Issues by Steve Beckow

Why are core issues so important? Well, imagine a small motorboat with a 2,000-pound anchor lowered into the water. It’s Read More

Is This You? by Kathleen

Are you interested in becoming Nova being? Linda Dillon is hosting a webinar series all about the release and elimination Read More

Core-Issues Roundtable on An Hour with an Angel, Oct. 1, 2015

A brief overview by Steve Beckow. Linda Dillon facilitated what began as a panel and ended as a true roundtable Read More

Sanat Kumara, Ascension & Core Issues by Jeri Burgdorf

When Sanat Kumara tells us “This is your new tomorrow, right now” he is talking about Ascension. He is saying Read More

World-Wide Peace Meditation – Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015

  This is a re-print from Portal 2012 – an invitation for all of us to step forward to make Read More

Joy! comes to Florida

The Joy! mini-gathering conducted on Sept. 12-13 drew 33 friends and family to Linda’s home, and the energy just blew Read More

How Core Issues Become Our Scripts by Steve Beckow

We may be in the final push before the first wave of Ascension and core issues are flaring all over Read More

Refugees: A Peace Meditation

Today during our Saturday Conference Call, we had an inspiring conversation regarding the Syrian refugee situation and the role that Read More

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