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When I have previously been guided to facilitate the Core Issues Webinar Series, it has been due to the Divine Mother’s direct guidance. This time it has been the entire Council of Love, with Archangel Gabrielle agreeing with me regarding the intensity of this undertaking: “Yes child, it’s a cross between a root canal and …


Linda’s Spirit Quest & The Fall Equinox Gathering I am going on an amazing spirit quest and am inviting you to join me for the Fall Equinox portion of that journey. We will come together in the sacred stone circles of Avebury and Stonehenge on Sept 22nd and 23rd to anchor the Cities of Light …


Heart- Centered Leadership for A New Time 5th -9th July 2017, Skålsjögården – Sweden Do you feel the waves of transformation washing over our beloved planet? Do you feel inspired to contribute to the well being of our Earth by sharing more of the truth of who you are? Are you ready to look within …


It was a simple question. The Council asked, “What inspires you?” So now that I’ve lived with that simple question for three weeks, I realize that it’s not simple. My first thought was to name about 50 things that inspire me. And then I realized that I’ve missed something. That wasn’t the intent of the …


Well, I finally finished it! With the help of a small legion of friends and the Council of Love, The Jesus Book is ready.


Calling all Gaians! Join Linda Dillon for the Council of Love’s FREE Global Initiation into the 13th Octave webinar. In this year of extraordinary change it is vital that we be clear, balanced and ready for action. Claim your birthright of Divine Union.


I’m struck by what Jesus said yesterday: “It has never been the learning to love; it is the acceptance, allowing and remembering of love.” (1) Had I not been privileged to experience transformative love for an extended period of time in 2015, (2) this passage would not really make sense to me. But that experience …


There are times in a private session that information that is of a significant universal nature that is for our highest good that the insights be shared. This was one of those situations on January 28, 2016. With my client’s permission I offer this “aha” message from Qwan Yin. “Beloved One, I am the Goddess …


Every now and then a personal channel includes information of such depth that it is worthy of sharing far and wide. Posted with permission of the recipient, this insight on the process of the RV falls into this category. In a frank discussion on the pitfalls and danger of our losing focus, please read.


I’ve understood Ascension all wrongly. I’ve assumed that, ascending, I will have gone elsewhere, to another world, to a higher-vibrational world that is not here.That isn’t at all how I understand Ascension now.