The Tsunami of Love: An Urgent Appeal


The following is an urgent appeal from a dedicated and marvelous group of volunteers working with the Council of Love. The Tsunami of Love is the Universal Mother’s gift for all of humanity to consciously and joyously embrace the totality of our divinity; to be the Love.This momentous shift is close at hand, and the […]

Let Go, Let Go, Let Go ~ Steve Beckow


A wonderful insight from GAOG and Steve Beckow. When the tsunami of love begins, and we expect it soon, how are we to respond to it?

Thanks to all who attended the Joshua Tree Gathering

A great group of people!

Lift Your Spirit Special: “Who Is the New You?” This Sunday. With Linda Dillon

Lift Your Spirit is back – with a special edition of the show, presented and produced by Stephen Cook, going live THIS Sunday, July 28.

Happy Valentine’s and Nova Earth Day!

Early this morning as I sat quietly at my desk wondering what wish to send out to each of you that would touch your heart on one of my favorite days of the year – and the COL’s all time bestest day ever. I was nudged to look at my archives and post this Valentine’s […]

A Rare Message from Waka’na’taka

Waka’na’taka is Earth’s representative to the Intergalactic Council. Before he assumed this role he was the Keeper of the the  Keepers of the Council Fire of Gaia. He is an ancient being who carries Earth wisdom and vision. The following is an excerpt from a reading that I am posting because of it’s applicability to all […]

Happy New Year, My Spiritual Family! Now The Real Work Begins!

This highly personal note began as a greeting to my InLight Radio family whom over the year I have come to love and cherish. Like all family, we have differences of views, opinions, dreams, desires, roles and soul contracts. Like you and I, thousands out there whom I have never had the privilege of personally […]

Disclosure Announcement


Today the InLight Radio team,  of which I am a proud part,  has announced Disclosure in the youtube video I Know My Galactic Family Is Here.

First-Ever 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – October 26, 27, 28, 2012

The 2012 Scenario Conference - Sedona Brand

Announcing the First-Ever 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – October 26, 27, 28, 2012. Tickets on Sale TODAY! Limited Seats 2012 SEPTEMBER 1 tags: Conference, Sedona, Tickets Posted by Stephen Cook of the 2012 Scenario

Control: The Human Obsession


The current, and perhaps most insidious, issue we are working on eliminating is control. For those of you who listen to Heavenly Blessings and Hour with an Angel you will know this is a subject Ascended Master St. Germaine and Archangel Michael have been bringing forth for examination. But truth be told, the whole of […]

Heavenly Blessings Invites Your Call-In

Heavenly Blesings

Do you have a burning question that you have been anxious or excited to pose to the Council? Well, now’s your chance. Beginning this week, the Thursday at 7 p.m. EDT show, Heavenly Blessings, we are opening up the phone lines to have discussion, answer questions and simply chat about what’s going on in your […]

And The Winners of The Free Reading Are….

Good Morning Fun Seekers, Vicki Harding – New Zealand Carl Rodriques – UK Elaine Wajcium – I think the US but I could be wrong…

The Great Awakening Review Contest ~ Win A Free Reading with Linda


As you know, the Council of Love has channeled this amazing book, The Great Awakening, which is a step-by-step process to Ascension. My purpose in writing the book

Honor Your Mother!


Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, May 13th – of magic 13! Time to honor our Mothers – all of them. A fellow lightworker/ love-holder Michael Preston had this wonderful idea – why inspiration that we honor Gaia on this coming Sunday. I think it is brilliant. I know we just had Earth Day […]

Ascension 101 on CoZoso Radio


This is a wonderful interview with Christine Andrews with Linda on Ascension. What the heck is ascension? Never heard of it? Channel Linda Dillon is here to break down the basics, tune in! Do you feel like time is passing more swiftly?

What’s Love Got To Do With It?


We live in an amazing alarming time. What really concerns me is the bitter edge I am witnessing in many lightworkers comments, articles, channelings and reports of these activities. What happened to love, trust, and forgiveness? What is happening to compassion?

The Great Awakening: A Spiritual Primer is now available


Linda Dillon’s newest book, “The Great Awakening: A Spiritual Primer” is now available in two versions; downloadable and hard copy.

Heavenly Blessings ~ New Radio Show

heavenly blessings

A new blogtalk radio show featuring Linda Dillon and Graham Dewyea. The Council of Love will share gifts and blessings from the Heavenly Realms through meditation, channeling and conversation. This show is for Lightworkers and Lightholders and to promote support within the Lightworker community, the higher realms and our star brothers and sisters. It is […]

Healing and Creation Team requests


Volunteers needed! We have had an explosion of healing and creation requests – keep those cards and letters coming in! And thank God we are not all in need at the same time. A special thank you to the Healing Team Coordinator Barbara Olsen, and all the teams working so selflessly. We would love to […]

Archangel Michael on the meaning and affect of 11-11-11


Archangel Michael expalins to us our role in this exciting energy of the 11-11-11

Time for Change


The Occupy movement is growing – it’s time for change as we all know. So let’s open our hearts and shed these old paradigms and shift into the Love – with integrity, equality, unity and community. Please share this video! xxxx Linda