Jesus Sananda asks: What is the gift of sacred union and what does it entail?

I come here this day to talk to you about sacred union, about that union of love that is the Read More

Mother Mary reminds us to cherish each and every day…all the ordinary days of our life…

I come beloved ones to teach you, to talk to you, to embrace you and to encourage you to embrace, Read More

Jesus Sananda, Yeshi, reminds us of the divine perfection that we are and of our ability to create

As you are creating, as you are in intent, as you are in stillpoint, as you are in action, as Read More

Sanat Kumara discusses the Universal Law of Attraction and Repulsion…

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Universal Mother Mary speaks of change, of constancy…

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Mary Magdalene’s Sharing The Air of Peace

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Universal Mother Mary “I Am Yours”

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St. Germaine asks our help in calming the energies of war around the World

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St. Germaine talks about healing ourselves and millions and working from the 5th

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Universal Mother Mary: Cherish and embrace your ‘ordinary day’

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