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Saturday Conference Calls

You are fully moving into your role as Creator Race and that is why I am asking you to join my beloved and I in the dreaming because frankly my friends, most of you are dreaming too small.


I come to speak to your heart, to your mind, to your being about this process, about the renewal, the reclaiming, the reinstitution of my plan and sweet angels it is the plan of love, it is the plan of One, it is the plan of All…


Many times I have said to you “if what it takes for you to go forward, for you to trust and hold hope, if what it takes is for me to show up directly in front of you in your living room, bedroom, office, on the street, I will do so.” And this is exactly …


…come with me and let us travel throughout your world, this beautiful planet that is in transformation; travel with me to the higher dimensions, to the higher realms, wherever you wish to go but stay in the stillness because that is where wisdom lives, that is where truth reigns, that is where you are clear …


On our Saturday conference call we celebrated Earth Day by giving Gaia gifts from our heart…


On Saturday Lord Maitreya brought forth again the question “are you healing and nurturing the human collective, are you also holding them, sending them and filling them with compassion?”


On our Saturday conference call, Mother Mary asked for our help…”And when I ask you to transmit this (her essence of Blue Diamond) to the collective, see that you are not sending it just from your own being, but with me you are standing well above the planet. You are peeling back the sky for …


On our February 4th Saturday Conference Call Mother Mary, AA Michael, and Grener of Ashira of Neptune discuss the “change in plans” of the recent invitation to come aboard the Neptune….


…it is the energy of the Divine Masculine, the balancer, but it is also the flame of infinite knowledge, of infinite creation, of infinite understanding of the creation codes. It is the Golden Flame of inspiration and my beloved ones it is the Golden Flame of action…


I came to tell you and to engage you with my Love and also to share with you from our prospective what will be the themes and necessary for this upcoming year, which is momentous.