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The Council of Love, Linda and Archangel Uriel created the meditation below for us to heal and eliminate drought upon Gaia. Calling in the gentle rains with the Council of Love, Archangel Uriel, the elements, the elementals, the kingdoms and our Divine and galactic friends, we are not only healing the physical drought but also the spiritual drought of humanity.

Our spiritual alignment and the rain are dissolving what is not of wholeness, all lack and limitation, in harmony and perfect proportion, creating lushness everywhere on Gaia again. With this meditation we are helping to rebalance Gaia’s climate with our inner balance, our mastery, creating and holding the vision of a temperate climate of spiritual abundance for Nova Earth.

Join with us, with Linda and Archangel Uriel in this meditation, Saturdays at 15:15 wherever you live upon the planet. Working with the grayalsha ray, we refine our balance, our truth and I Am presence, co-creating with the Company of Heaven and Gaia in tandem with Universal Law, especially the Laws of Change, Unity and Balance. As we become One with our abundant spiritual climate we become One with All.

Click on this link to enter the portal for our Nova Earth Community. Here we talk and post about all things related to Nova Earth β€” our temperate spiritual climate, peace, the tsunami of Love and the 13th Octave state of being. Come join the excitement!

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