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[powerpress] Linda Dillon channels Jesus who explains the differences between Ascension and enlightenment.


[powerpress] You come forth as New Race, the reincarnation of the Creator Race. The abilities that you have brought to the planet during this time of change are far greater than you are even imagining…You are beacons and you are anchors; you are pillars of Light in this time of transition, think of yourself as …


[powerpress] Why do I wish to speak to you of spiritual discipline? What is discipline? It is consistency. It is the assumption of responsibility. It is you fully assuming that responsibility, that element of leadership, however it looks, and declaring that you will do, you will be, you will act, you will experience, you will …


[powerpress] …you have created reservations called countries, called nations where you exclude others and you form boundaries that are based on false power beliefs. It is time to lay these false ideas aside…because unified, you are a power to be reckoned with and so it is for you to say, I am sufficient, I am …