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Hi Beautiful People! I want to share the Information about the upcoming Modern Shamanism talks in the United States with Hamilton Souther.Please Don’t miss this!!


Beautiful, cozy and spiritual one bedroom apartment with one of the sweetest inspired couple I know.


A beautiful insightful poem by fellow lightholder Raisa Goltsin. Take a moment and reflect… Wanderer, stop for a minute, And listen for my song. Stop for a while, The one who is always so busy Chasing your dreams and fantasies.


Masaru Emoto’s message on healing the waters of Japan. March 31st, 2011 (Thursday) 12:00 noon in each time zone.


The Hopi elders, echoing the words from the Council of Love, are calling for healing Mother Earth.


More from Steve Beckow on World Freedom Day. On Sunday, March 6, 2011, the freedom-loving people of this planet agree to peacefully assemble in all town squares around the world at 12:00 noon to liberate the planet. This gathering will be known as World Freedom Day.


More and more Universal Mother Mary is reaching out to us to help us in our personal journey and the unfoldment of her plan. Read the inspirational messages of Alex Guiterrez in his Mother Mary’s Resurrection – February 2011 Newsletter.


This clarion call by fellow lightholder Steve Beckow for a stepping forward in what Yahweh has termed “meaningful, conscious action” is important in breaking loose all the old false paradigms of Old Earth, and claiming our birthright to Joy, Love and Co-creation.


Seldom do I post information from other web sites but this is so in keeping with what Yahweh is telling us about the times of differentiation I just had to post it. Many thanks to for their message of December 7, 2010.


Sotheby’s will be the organizer of a special auction next week, because they will sell a rare pink diamond which might set a new record on the price that a gem is sold: it is estimated at the value ranging from $27 million to $38 million.