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If you do not love, honor, accept, surrender, cherish, nurture your sacred self, then you are not in a position, you are not prepared or capable of entering into relationship in the way that your heart deeply, not only desires but demands, with others.


A wonderful insight from GAOG and Steve Beckow. When the tsunami of love begins, and we expect it soon, how are we to respond to it?


I have been sending to you and amplifying through my archangels, the masters, and the many, the energies of my clarity, of my purity, of my healing. And I have also given you the awakening of your totality…


…let me say to you, each of you, and to the collective of humanity, not only are you on track, you are on the racetrack, and you are moving forward — healing, becoming, expanding, creating at the speed of love…let us also begin by saying ‘what we are describing is also a prelude to where …


The process of healing with the I AM does not need to be long and arduous. I wish you to take the torch and to hold it with me now to the collective that we burn away, eliminate, any issues of self worth that are not of truth and wonder. This torch of the Violet …


It is the experience, the knowing, the connection, the connectedness, the union with the One, with Source, with All. Love is a state of being that is akin, equal, to being in your natural state of divinity. And in that state, of your divinity, of your wholeness, there is no separation.


Each of you has the capacity, the talents, the where-with-all to heal and to heal instantaneously and to heal one another.The telepathic, the energetic communication of the healing is how the human race is being transformed. I have never, not on this side or your side, encountered anything that could not be healed.


So, what are you working on this year? We have been encouraging you to begin the creation, not only of the New You, but of your new life, of Nova Earth, of the Cities of Light, of the affiliation, of the cooperation, of the creation of new paradigms, not only belief systems but relationships, not …


The following is part of a discussion between Stephen Cook and Linda Dillon on the InLight Radio show ‘Lift Your Spirit’ which aired on 12-21-13. If you’d like to listen to the complete show, go to and click on InLight Radio, then ‘Lift Your Spirit’…


You are seeing all over your planet the warriors of light who step forward and demand their freedom. They may think that they are asking for financial freedom, political freedom, social justice, but what they are really asking for is to be free to be themselves, the totality of who they are. And for the …