Archangel Gabrielle gifts us tonight with rings, rings, rings, rings, all from her heart of Gold

…each of you have wondrous, unique identity that is celebrated and what better place to come to know it than Read More

“The Great Awakening” – an in-depth discussion of Linda’s book on ‘how to ascend’

Graham and Linda have an informative discussion regarding the timely information in Linda’s book as channeled by The Council of Read More

Mother Mary speaks to us of the love and the joy that we are

I come to speak to your heart, to your mind, to your being about this process, about the renewal, the Read More

Archangel Michael speaks of Syria, Transition energies, the Ascension process

and I come bearing not only my sword and my shield, but my blue flame of truth, and I ask Read More

Mother Mary gifts us with her Cloak of Invisibility, her Golden Cloak of Joy & her Golden Veil of Joy

So, in this reawakening of joy is also the reawakening, the reclaiming in this wondrous time of Transition the ability, Read More

Now by Staria

A beautiful message from a fellow light-worker down under. Dear Friends, Now is what matters. I have a unique opportunity Read More

Sanat Kumara on the Purpose of Life, the Universal Law, and the Longing for Liberation

…it was understood that this planet would be a place of love…this was the Divine Plan, it was for this Read More

Linda shares her experiences aboard the Neptune

A facinating discussion with Graham Dewyea…Linda explains what life aboard a mother ship is like, what we can look forward Read More

Time Out for Sacred Integration!!!

Graham and Linda conduct a “round table” discussion regarding the tools, gifts and blessings we have recently been given, how Read More

Archangel Michael discusses the importance of discernment at this time of Transition

I have given you my sword, my shield, my scepter, my staff of life…and I am asking each of you Read More