Lightworkers Unite! by Steve Beckow

I had a reading with Archangel Michael on July 22, 2016. A disagreement had arisen and I sought Michael’s counsel. Read More

The Collective is in a State of Flux

Another gift of a channeled gem with Archangel Michael. Earth Bound Star Soul has had another reading with Linda, and again Read More

Maree & Archangel Michael ~ Sabbatical & Reconstitution

Many have been experiencing being put on sabbatical by the Divine Mother during this time of radical change in frequency. Read More

Sharing Words Of Encouragement ~ Elle, Archangel Gabrielle & Belle’Anna

Elle’s guides, Archangel Gabrielle and Belle’Anna share a fabulous hotchpotch of encouragement to revel in: Archangel Gabrielle ~ Brexit & Read More

The Mother’s Tsunami of One ~ Maree & Anastasia

Maree’s Guide, Anastasia has offered the following insights into the Tsunami of One: We are in your sphere. We are Read More

Message from Archangel Michael to an Earthbound Star Soul

On June 10, 2016, I had a reading scheduled with Linda, to speak with my Guides. For the second time Read More

What Do You Want?

CHANNELLED GEM ~ Bonnie & Zomandia, June 1, 2016 “Working with the Creation Formula and strengthening the paradigm through Sacred Read More

Archangel Michael ~ Welcoming Home Your Aspects!

All beings upon the planet are calling their aspects home to be the full embodiment of who they are. You Read More

US Elections & What Is Best For Gaia

Another personal channeling with perspective on how to view the current chaos of the US election process in terms of Read More

Archangel Michael ~The Gentle Snow of World Peace

Increasingly, individual channels are having messages of global impact. This is one such reading with Andrew Eardley. Archangel Michael shares Read More