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Jesus discusses the importance of family: human, galactic, soul & inner earth family

You came into that family to be the beacon and the carrier of love. It is that simple. And you Read More

St. Germaine invites us to intergrate our galactic self into the wholeness of our being…

There is an emanation, a part of you that is of the stars, that has lived elsewhere, that does serve Read More

Jesus Sananda discusses the importance of sharing our Love…

…when we are talking about the eternal now it is not a beginning and an ending it is all right Read More

Universal Mother Mary discusses the Divine Quality of Grace

Grace is the acceptance translated into heart consciousness of your wholeness and totality and your alignment with Divine Spirit and Read More

St. Teresa talks about our guides and how to access them…

Your guides are the gift of the Divine Mother. It is her gift of love so that you know that Read More

Chief Sitting Bull invites us to get in touch with our totems, our spirit animals

I do not simply come to speak of totems this day, but I have asked for this subject because it Read More

Lao Tzu discusses many aspects of the Divine Quality of Humility

Humility is the ability to serve in whatever capacity and in whatever role, not only that you decide and determine, Read More

St. Francis, Frank, speaks on Charity and hints of his return to Gaia in human form…

This is the meaning of Charity; it is the sharing of your sacred self, of who you are, and Charity, Read More

Archangel Jophiel speaks to the Divine Quality of Awe from his perspective as Archangel and Human

This day I come to speak of my Awe of each of you. First of all, I am in Awe Read More

The Buddha returns to speak on Wisdom, the Divine Quality, and its importance as we move forward…

This awakening happens in the instant that the individual decides and chooses and accepts that they are worthy and they Read More