Jesus Sananda’s Invitation To The Annual Sedona Gathering

Jesus Sananda’s heartfelt invitation to come and walk with him “in the red dirt and hills of Sedona…we of this Read More

Grener’s Invitation

Heal the Heart of America!

Happy July 4th – Happy Freedom Day! It seems very appropriate to re-post this wonderful message and exercise from St. Read More

Earth’s Creator Race

Jesus Sananda speaks more about Earth and the Gulf of Mexico. “…the formation of a place, a physical experience of Read More

Healing Gaia

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThis is an audio meditation channeled during June 5, 2010, Saturday conference call. Gaia Read More

A Message From Gaia

There has been so much circulated on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that there is great danger Read More

The Gift of Trust

Universal Mother Mary speaks of Trust. “If you were to look at the dramas, at the sources of conflict upon Read More

St Germaine – Write Love!

I am re-posting this today as a memory-jogger to heal the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Our waterways, Read More

Yahweh on Creation

Yahweh talks to us in very practical terms this day, in this year of creation. “I wish this union and Read More

Patience, Prudence and Temperance

Archangel Jophiel speaks of the need of patience, prudence and temperance during this time on Earth, with yourself and others. Read More