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When you encounter naysayers, take the torch that I have given you with the Violet Flame, take it and torch their hearts, torch their fields, that they may be liberated, that they may be freed, and then scoop them up and carry them through the portal, that they are also penetrated…


God bless Steve Beckow for translating my morning walk into something truly worth sharing! Linda Dillon was walking her pet dog, Eliza, when she looked up and saw the mothership, the Neptune, on the horizon. She whipped out her iPhone and took a picture.


Now my beloved friends think of the law as your dictionary, as your thesaurus and use it. And invite us because we are inviting you to join with us. I give you the love, not only from my heart but from all of our hearts.


This Ascension in form is due in part to the joy that was lost upon Gaia, the joy of being in form, of having a form and actually experiencing love in its totality and fullness in form. It was the original plan. It is the closing of the circle. It was always the plan that …


On our Saturday conference call Archangel Gabrielle asked us to go to the 1st dimension…to enter into the void, into that place of ideas, into the place of nothingness and some electricity, and to bring to humanity back the idea of their greatness…this is one of the things I am asking you to do on …


The Tsunami of Love has begun in earnest and is being experience in various ways by people all over Gaia. The purpose of this broadcast is to come together in community, unite in heart and receive the next downloads updates and messages on this precious gift from the Divine Mother.


If you don’t know which law to use just invoke Universal Law. Think of it as the I AM Presence, if you think of it as the heart, the mind, the Will of One, then you are in Universal Law…


When I speak of love, I am not merely speaking esoterically, spiritually; I am not merely speaking of feeling calm, serene, peaceful (which is my favorite); feeling that you are in alignment. I am talking about feeling loved, valued, cherished, honored, revered, adored, because you are. It’s time to up this ante significantly right now!


On the latest Heavenly Blessings InLight Radio show, April 22nd, Commander Ashira of UFOG spoke of the effect of the Tsunami of Love throughout the Galaxy. “Greetings, I am Ashira, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. Welcome my beloved friends, and thank you ~ the hiatus was worth it. I am glad …