Ashira brings news from the galactics

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadAshira, Commander of the United Forces of the Outer Galaxies, agreed to come on Read More

Grener of Ashira of Neptune: We are with you!

…we work through collaboration and community, understanding, for that is the way of intergalactic peace and peace within and without Read More

Mother Mary’s channeling and Cmdr. Ashira on events from a galactic perspective

We were graced with a channeling from Universal Mother Mary regarding her Tsunami of Love and then Commander Ashira shared Read More

Commander Ashira discusses more applications for Universal Law…

Now my beloved friends think of the law as your dictionary, as your thesaurus and use it. And invite us Read More

Cmdr. Ashira of UFOG talks about the Universal Laws and how/when to use them…

If you don’t know which law to use just invoke Universal Law. Think of it as the I AM Presence, Read More

Commander Ashira on the Universal effect of the Tsunami of Love

On the latest Heavenly Blessings InLight Radio show, April 22nd, Commander Ashira of UFOG spoke of the effect of the Read More

Commander Ashira answers a variety of questions…

We are as anxious as you to come together in celebration, in unity, togetherness. This is us waiting for a Read More

Commander Ashira: One of our questions to you is, “Do you love and cherish us?”

The energy of our transmission, of our mutual transmission goes out not only to your star brothers and sisters, but Read More

Commander Ashira returns to share more information on Galactic life…

We are part of the same mission and purpose, we have different elements, different facets of the plan, but we Read More

Commander Ashira continues his discussion focusing on life onboard ship

There is not one being on board any of the various fleets that has not come, volunteered, traveled, that is Read More