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Mother Mary

Greetings, I am Maria of Guadalupe. I am Universal Mother and Mother of Mercy – and many of you have been asking for mercy and, dear ones, it is yours. Understand that this is a time of transition within your sacred being and upon the Earth. We tell you this time and time again – …


Greetings I am Mary. Universal Mother and mother of hope. I come this day dear children, to speak to you of the power of prayer, the sister and the partner of hope.


Greetings I am Maria, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Universal Mother; Mother of Hope, Liberty, Freedom and Love; Mother of Miracles. My children I come to speak to you of the reality of miracles, of the ability to create and co-create the desires of your innermost heart and the heart of the universe and to birth …


First in the Creation Series Greetings I am Mary, Universal Mother and Mother of Creation. Welcome my beloved children, children of my heart and of my soul. We do not interfere in the affairs of humanity, and we allow always the exercise of free will. However, I do interfere and interject at this point as …