Yahweh’s Gift of His Golden Flame

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThis is an audio meditation. Sedona this year was perfect for all of us Read More

Yahweh’s Anchoring of His Gift of the Golden Flame

I wish to give you the gift of My essence because you are now strong enough to hold it.

Yahweh Invites Us “Declare With Me “I AM”

“…remember the honoring and the Love that you are, that is your very fiber, and Love and cherish, honor, respect, Read More

Yahweh on Creation

Yahweh talks to us in very practical terms this day, in this year of creation. “I wish this union and Read More

Yahweh on Guardian Angels

Yahweh speaks to us about the role of guardian angels to protect, guide and report, and encourages us to consciously Read More

The Seat of The Soul and Creation

I am Yahweh, grandfather. My children, created from the energy of my being, we have progressed, digressed and come full Read More