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So, in this reawakening of joy is also the reawakening, the reclaiming in this wondrous time of Transition the ability, the allowing of receiving. It is not just about letting go, it is not just about clearing, it is about receiving and creating and recreating and demonstrating to your fellow human beings what is possible.


Many times I have said to you “if what it takes for you to go forward, for you to trust and hold hope, if what it takes is for me to show up directly in front of you in your living room, bedroom, office, on the street, I will do so.” And this is exactly …


The transition is a time of awakening, yes, which we have had this channel call the Great Awakening. And it is a time of restoration and the fulfillment of my Plan. You have been recently at a crossroads, my beloved ones…but you collectively with your hearts of purity have remembered and you have chosen love. …


Now take your hands and extend them, palms up, let me take this from you, let me take the illusion, the limitation, the pain, the suffering. I give you your 7th dimensional self, if you wish it to be 5th then so be it. I place it within your hands for you to claim. This …


On our Saturday conference call, Mother Mary asked for our help…”And when I ask you to transmit this (her essence of Blue Diamond) to the collective, see that you are not sending it just from your own being, but with me you are standing well above the planet. You are peeling back the sky for …


…it is the energy of the Divine Masculine, the balancer, but it is also the flame of infinite knowledge, of infinite creation, of infinite understanding of the creation codes. It is the Golden Flame of inspiration and my beloved ones it is the Golden Flame of action…


I came to tell you and to engage you with my Love and also to share with you from our prospective what will be the themes and necessary for this upcoming year, which is momentous.


It is the flame of empowerment, it is the flame of unfoldment, it is the flame of action, it is the flame to be able to complete what you came here to do.


…while I wish always to hold you and nurture you and protect you, my greater desire is for you to stand in your freedom and in your expression, your divinity, and to share that with your collective. That is the fulfillment of your journey, of your promise…


You do not just help Yesha with the fulfillment of his promise long ago; you assist me in the fulfillment of mine.