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…when I say a Shift into love it is the conscious decision to choose love, to lead, to be in your heart instead of your mental body, your ego, your delightful personality…you are in-between realities and that is why you are not feeling the full impact of the 5th, the 6th, the 7th dimension, but …


“What will it be like to wake up on the morning to a beautiful clean planet and to simply decide in your heart what you wish and desire and choose to do with the day, knowing there are no limitations, no requirements to go and to earn money or to fulfill obligations other than what …


The date for the upcoming Advanced LaHoChi Workshop has been changed to Saturday and Sunday, June 2nd and 3rd. How on Earth we didn’t remember that the planned dates fall on Father’s Day. Sorry Dads… Now, will you come an join us, please. Details on this transformation weekend


I have great interest in what is occurring on your planet at this time. And yes, as you well know, I have particular love and fondness for North America, for this is the place of anchoring this freedom and the I Am presence. But it is the anchoring, it is the beginning, not the end…


Join a conversation wherein St. Germain helps us heal 3rd dimensional paradigms within ourselves, mostly based on lack and limitation, so we can be pure vessels of Light and Love in service to humanity


In preparation for sailing smoothly through the Shift the Council of Love is conducting a 2-hour broadcast for the initiation or re-initiation into the Violet Flame of St. Germaine and the I AM Presence.


Gaia is preparing herself for the reception of new energies, certainly new inter-dimensional energies, but she is also preparing to receive visitors, your star brothers and sisters.


St. Germaine speaks of the “gift that was brought to Earth by your Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters. It is a gift of star healing…heart and healing. And it is to heal the hearts. And your Star Brothers and Sisters, your Pleiadian friends, knew as they brought this forward to Earth, and to Atlantis in particular, …


“I share with you this role of Keeper of the Violet Flame. I entrusted it to you millions of years ago in Atlantis, and I entrust it to you again today….Use it to activate and quietly heal.”


Happy July 4th – Happy Freedom Day! It seems very appropriate to re-post this wonderful message and exercise from St. Germaine: I have spoken to you before of this, of how I have founded and brought my violet flame to this place of creativity, to this place where freedom reigns, where liberty reigns, to pursue …