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St. Germaine

St. Germaine speaks about stepping forward as healers now and healing the heart, the emotional and mental bodies, Gaia, war and destruction, and the war within.


Greetings, I am St. Germaine, Keeper of the Violet Flame and Keeper of the I AM Presence. I am pleased to step forward this day and to speak with you my friends, my loved ones, my colleagues, my teachers, my healers, my channelers. You are my armada, and you are steering a course of healing …


A strong message from St. Germaine on the meaning and purpose of his gift of the Violet Flame – a must read.


Greetings, I am St Germaine, beloved brother of your heart, keeper of the violet flame, bringer of the I AM. Welcome, my friends. I am pleased to be here for it has been some time since I have had the opportunity to speak to you in this way and fashion.


Greetings, I am Germaine. I am St. Germaine, master and keeper of the violet flame. I wish to speak to you about our work of anchoring peace, of radical change, with our beloved Archangel Michael. It begins with the intent of healing the heart and I daresay it is the heart of chaos. Let us …


We have felt the penetration of the sacred essence of the Mother and the enormous expansion of energy over the past 6 months. The theme of my phone calls is that many feel that they have been pushed to the edge of meltdown. There is a pervasive feeling of not knowing that you can go …


Greetings, I am Germaine. I am, your friend, your brother and your ally. Welcome human beings, angels. I am your beloved St. Germaine and I come to bring you greetings of love – to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, happy life, happy planet, happy galaxy, happy universe. This …


A powerful explanation by our beloved St. Germaine on the return of the Creator Race – and what that means.


I am St. Germaine and welcome back. I wish to speak to you about letting go of judgment. Each one of you judges yourself and you carry a litany as long as the Bible of things that you believe you have done wrong. And this is simply not so. So I come here this afternoon …