St. Germaine’s Gift of His Loving Cup Elixir Of Abundance And Love

Podcast: Play in new window | Download“All of you who listen this day – Go to your cupboard, your pantry Read More

St. Germaine: Now is the Time to Love!

It’s time to awaken to love. The expansion of your heart consciousness, the ability to feel and to be the Read More

St. Germaine: You are our Creators in form!

You my beloved friends are mighty creators and you create in every moment of every day. It is the very Read More

St. Germaine – Another Higher Attunement of Healing and Expansion!!

Podcast: Play in new window | Download“Welcome to this time of Healing and Expansion. You have joyously and openly received Read More

St. Germaine: Eliminating the war within…

What the focus is right now is on shifting, eliminating…the alchemical elimination of that war within…yes, they reflect in core Read More

St. Germaine – Healing the Hearts of Humanity and Gift Attunement

Podcast: Play in new window | Download“And I say to you, in the healing of your heart and in the Read More

St. Germaine asks, “What is the definition of sacred union and partnership?”

To join with another is the most blessed experience that you will have upon Gaia. It is the fulfillment of Read More

St. Germaine says “allow yourself to enjoy being human…”

You are made out of the essence of One. You are the essence of intergalactics. You are the essence of Read More

Archanagel Uriel leads us in meditation for rain around the world

Let the rain gently fall upon your beloved Gaia. Let it caress and kiss the earth and particularly beginning with Read More

St. Germaine: We are ready for that final birthing push of Nova Earth

What you are doing in your demonstrations of what you think of as ‘little ways’, but billions of people doing Read More