Jesus Sananda on Truth and Love

Jesus Sananda speaks of what is truth and encourages us to speak the words of truth which “must” be heard Read More

Holy Spirit & Will

“I am Jesus Sananda, Unity of Trinity. Our relationship to Holy Spirit is virtually as One. Understand that we are Read More

Stop Lying to Yourself

A powerful message from Jesus Sananda about how we lie to ourselves, and of under-estimating the truth of who we Read More

Video: Jesus Sananda and ‘Your Team’

“Your Team Is With You.” Jesus Sananda reminds us we are surrounded not only from above but here on Earth Read More

Video: Jesus Sananda on Your Ability to Create

“Your Ability to Create.” A brief message from Jesus Sananda.

Love, Joy and Courage

“I wish this day to talk once again about Love, and I wish to talk about it in the context Read More

Jesus Sananda On The Passion Movie

There has been a great deal of controversy about Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion. Many of us have lived during Read More

Jesus Sananda’s Christmas Message (2007)

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus Christ, and I am Jesus and I am Jeshua, it does not Read More

Come Join Me in Joy

A strong invitation from Jesus Sananda to come and join with him in Joy. His message refers not only to Read More

Come Walk With Me

A passionate plea from Jesus Sananda / Jeshua to come and walk with him, to join with him. Jesus asks Read More