Archangel Michael gives an update on global events

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AAMichael discusses current events, peace, containment, disclosure and NESARA

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AA Michael discusses the new Disclosure video, current events , and NESARA on “An Hour With An Angel”

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Archangel Michael speaks for the Council of Love in saying “Thank you” to all of us

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What If … ?

Our beloved Archangel Michael lovingly answers our continual questions regarding Ascension, Disclosure, NESARA, etc.

Archangel Michael implores us to DREAM BIG, especially for our sacred selves

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AA Michael describes our physical, mental and emotional bodies in the 5th dimension

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Helena and Zira explain their roles in educating children on the Neptune, also AA Michael on current events

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AAMichael’s Prayer for Healing for Aurora, Colo., and Calm The Fury

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AA Michael discusses the latest 3D events while AA Raphael gifts us with healing fear

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