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A wonderful discussion between Linda, Steve, and Graham that starts the show. Then Sanat Kumara, Raj, enters giving us his perspective on where the human collective is along the Ascension process, what to look forward to, and how to improve the process the next time around. Many things to ponder.


What I wish to speak of today is: Where do we meet? I have used the term that we have ‘dropped three of our ships into your atmosphere’, but what does that really mean? Where do we meet… frequency, vibration? … our frequencies have need to align.


Now, why have I linked this core issue business, challenge, obstacle, opportunity, to the global conversation? Because it is through the heart centered, honest conversation together that allows you to see and experience the wisdom, the history of others that apply directly to you…


Like you, we are the servants of the Mother, completely determined, committed, and in joy to the fulfillment of her design – which as you know, as soon as she has thought it, desired it, it is done.


  A beautiful conversation with UFOG Communications Officer Galea on the true meaning of communication. Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal Suzi: Our Galactic friend and Communications Officer, Galea, is with us again today for more discussion around the things that affect our experience here on Earth. Things …


For years I have wanted, and been guided, to create a portal where a global conversation about spiritual matters – matters of the heart, could be openly, freely and joyously discussed. Today this dream takes form! Welcome to the Council of Love Nova Earth portal, complete with a social media element to express yourself!


All work with the Council of Love is heart-centered and done from the 13th Octave. The 13th Octave is the state of Divine Union – of being fully anchored in the heart and Love of One. It is the most transformational gift ever given to humanity and the foundation for Ascension. The following 7 channelings …


The seventh original 13th Octave channeling: Over the years we have been taught in-depth about Universal law – about how things work – but this my friends was the beginning… Greetings, I am Maitreya, brother of magenta, balance of the East, traveler of the circle. Welcome, my sisters and brothers, to this time of future. Know …


The sixth in the orignal 13th Octave channeling series. We have begun with the assurance of wholeness and now as our New You selves, we claim it… Greetings from the Council of Love, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth speaks this day of surrender. The misconception of most souls upon Earth …


The fifth of the orginal 13th Octave channelings. Note the continued emphasis on Joy… Greetings from the Council of Love, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Herald of God. We wish to speak of entry to the 13th Octave, the place of wholeness within the Universal Mind and Soul. There will be those who …