Welcome to the 13th Octave Portal

The 13th Octave is a gift from the heart of One that literally re-anchors us in the unified energies of the Mother, Father, One. All work with the Council of Love is done from this state of beingness, of Love.

The purpose of this portal is to initiate and anchor every single person on Gaia in this energy. This is achieved by doing the meditation and anchoring in that higher realm of knowingness. This is the energy of unified heart consciousness. This is the energy of Nova Earth. And this is the energy of Ascension.

So come on in and join the fun. Come and walk with the Masters and Archangels. Come fly home with Archangel Gabriel. Come re-unite with Mother / Father. Come claim your birthright. And do leave a bit of yourself here as you share your own experiences with the 13th Octave. Just let us hear from you in your own way.
Click on this link to join the 13th Octave Portal and the Nova Earth community.

Anchor in your heart, and receive this initiation into the 13th Octave. Open your heart, and receive all the blessings that accompany this attunement.

Our beloved Yeshua: “I come this day to invite you to your resurrection!”

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