“I embrace you all and I gather you unto my heart, unto my soul, unto my being. You are mine, you always have been, you always will be regardless of where you wander or how deep you swim, you are mine. But just as important, remember sweet ones…I am yours…infinitely and eternally, practically, and in …


“If at any time you ever feel that the water is turbulent, that you’re caught in an undertow, that you feel that you’re too deep, allow the Mother to come and place Her hands underneath you and buoy you up and bring you to that place of safety, of comfort, where you know you are …


Sometimes you ask, ‘Lord, when will we be free?’  You have always been free!  But, somehow you did not get the memo; you did not receive the  text. Jesus, The Jesus Book


“Sweet angels of light, you have done stalwart work.  Has it been a year where you have practiced and become more patient, wise, compassionate and understanding?  You have become more deeply in love with us, the universe, each other and most importantly, with your sacred self.”   Jesus, The Jesus Book


“When we speak of unity and unity consciousness, of unity heart, we are not merely speaking of the humans – quite the contrary – for it is in the expansion to unity of all the kingdoms that the true peace and love upon the planet occurs.”  Archangel Raphael


“Now, who is turning that ignition key? It is not merely me … the archangels … my Company of Heaven … your star brothers and sisters, it is not even merely Gaia herself; your hand is on the ignition as clearly as mine is and the energy to turn that key is love. It always has been, it …


Those of you who have … absolutely chosen to be with Gaia during this time are not only the most courageous but the most adventurous … who understand the meaning of grace and how that translates into everything; into actions and words, institutions, behaviors … community, for grace is the culmination of all virtues, all blessings. Archangel Jophiel


“I want you to use this liberally, sprinkle it on your lawns, on your city streets, sprinkle it on your family, on your bed for sweet dreams, sprinkle it on your cereal so that you are eating creative inspiration, that you are inhaling creative inspiration. And inside the dust is my mighty strength.”   Archangel Jophiel


” … you are in the throes of ascension. You are already in, deeply engaged and spiritually matured, in this process not only of fulfilling your missions and purposes but fulfilling the Dream of the Mother to come forth, to be the implementers of her Plan, to anchor and re-anchor and practice and shift into the …


“So as you are shifting, and in deep acknowledgement and adoration and gratitude of what this kingdom (animal) has and does for you, take care of them. This beautiful planet and the Mother’s Plan was intended to be love, yes, but of a unity between all kingdoms.”  St. Francis