“You have, you are …heeding this call to action.  Each in your own beautiful, unique expressions … as angels on earth …   You are …  embodying the DNA, spiritual and otherwise, of our beloved Divine Mother.  This is beyond remarkable … phenomenal … and from the depth we ask you … to recognize that … to fully embrace it.  …


” … as we go forward … you are reaching for what is dear, until such time as the entire planet, not some amorphous idea but the entire planet, every baby, every hair, every blade of grass, every pebble, every drop of water in every ocean, is dear to you. But first, what is personally dear to …


“You are cleared and ready to come to the feast … It is a feast of love.  Open your hearts, larger than your beings, larger than any building, state or planet. … Because the message of love and the light of being has need to be felt everywhere.” Jesus


“When you embrace Me, you are activating purity. When I embrace you, I am activating purity. It is an infinite loop that we have been in since the beginning of My infinite, eternal ocean of time. … When you embrace the fullness of your soul design, your true soul design, you are embracing purity.”  Universal Mother …


“You’re the anchors of the new. … This is the fulfillment of your dream woven with mine, of a coming together … you are holding … anchoring … beaming … transmitting, and in the golden grid that Gabrielle has bestowed upon you … anchoring the new beginning … the truth … the love. … So beloveds, let the old dissolve and let the new …


“This has been a year, and I would suggest several years, of extraordinary change. And the greatest change, my friends, has come from you, has come from the sweetness, the kindness, the comfort, the nourishment of you, of the expansion of your divine self…the acceptance, the surrender, the embrace of your divinity.”   Jesus


” … I welcome you into my Temple of Luxor; … into the Temple of Ascension, my friends. But more importantly, I welcome you … into my domain, where now you will be comfortable – yes, 11th dimension, hovering over the sands of Egypt … directly into my home … where you may learn and thrive… ”  Serapis Bey  


” So I bring you great news this day … I use the term explosion/implosion. … to connote the energies … available to you to bring forth … what you desire in every single realm is not available … not coming … not soon – it is already anchored within you … ”  Archangel Michael   …  


“Open your hearts, larger than your beings, larger than any building, state or planet. … Turn to your fellow beings and see yourselves in their eyes.  Turn to me … see me in them. … Look for me everywhere for I am with you.”  Jesus


“You have been gifted with the ring of Archangel Gabrielle, the diamond of brilliance and clarity.  It has been transposed into your cellular structure, so that you will shine as the brilliant beings you are.  These diamonds are transmitters of the energy of love. … Don’t shy away from your brilliance … your beauty … ”  …