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The Joy! mini-gathering conducted on Sept. 12-13 drew 33 friends and family to Linda’s home, and the energy just blew the top off the roof!


For years I have wanted, and been guided, to create a portal where a global conversation about spiritual matters – matters of the heart, could be openly, freely and joyously discussed. Today this dream takes form! Welcome to the Council of Love Nova Earth portal, complete with a social media element to express yourself!


[powerpress] The show takes a spontaneous turn in addressing the current situation on Earth as well as Lightworker fatigue. Galea gives some much needed encouragement. So tune in for a rather tender look at what’s really going on and what our work looks like from Star Family’s perspective.


[powerpress] In a previous recording, Lord Maitreya helped us explore the essence of love, this most difficult and yet ubiquitous substance that is at once the universal building block, glue and solvent.


Linda Dillon continues her discussion on Inlight Universal with our newly-introduced Star Family friend, Galea. The Council of Love shares gifts, blessings, stories and insights through meditation, channeling and conversation. This show aims to assist individuals on their individual journey and also to build support and mutuality with the inhabitants of earth, the higher realms, …


[powerpress] We were privileged to talk to the Lord Maitreya, who is sometimes lovingly called the Big Buddha, and the Master of masters for this week’s Hour with an Angel. We asked him to explain in the simplest of terms what unitive consciousness is. In the end we asked him if universal love and unitive …


[powerpress] In a recording for An Hour with an Angel this week, Archangel Michael continued his discussion of leadership. One extremely interesting part came right at the end, and we intend to continue that discussion, when we delved into exactly what the collective consciousness was and how it works. He compared it to an ocean …


[powerpress] Ashira, Commander of the United Forces of the Outer Galaxies, agreed to come on Heavenly Blessings once again to talk about what our intergalactic friends are up to. He’ll also be introducing Galea, the communications officer who’ll be speaking with us in upcoming weeks. Heavenly Blessings is a show with the Council of Love …


[powerpress] Linda Dillon channels Jesus who explains the differences between Ascension and enlightenment.


A spiritual workshop is scheduled for Sept. 12-13, 2015 at Linda’s sanctuary home, in Port St. Lucie, Fla. Your service is waking up in the morning and being glad of being alive and of who you are. It is being absolutely in the moment. Yes, there is another component: it is being entwined with others. …