Message of The Day

“Let me repeat; Forgiveness is not permission. So, when you forgive yourself or, let us be very particular, when you are forgiving someone you dislike, you are not saying, “Let’s have dinner together”. You are not saying, “I have a spare room in my house, come and live with me”. You are not saying, “Be my best friend”. The gift of forgiveness is to yourself. Because carrying around a burden of what you feel is injury, because that is really what it is about, is injury to your sacred self. So, that is why I suggest to you, I tell you, the forgiveness begins with yourself. And then you can move out to the outer realm as it were. But it has nothing to do with liking or disliking. And I am not suggesting to you (this is a good topic), that forgiveness eradicates boundaries.”  Archangel Michael