Message of the Day

You have always been ahead of the curve. That has been one of the purposes and the functions of this Council of Love. You can not be called a way shower and not be ahead of the curve. How can you bring someone anywhere if you do not know what lies there? And so now I invite you to walk with me once again through yet another portal. Yes it is unknown but it is not unfamiliar. It is the same to you as your right and left hand. It is something you have known within your heart and within your reality forever. It is the existing paradigms of the 3rd dimension that have confused you, that made you shake your head and said ‘What’s going on here? I don’t know this place and I certainly don’t belong here.’ So now you shift and with you, you shift many. But I wish you to know, as keeper of many gateways, that I am with you, yes from here on in. ”  Kuthumi