Universal Mother Mary’s Invitation to Sedona

On our Saturday Conference Call Universal Mother Mary said, “I invite you to my son Yeshua’s City of Light, the New Jerusalem, to sing to the mountains and whisper to the fairies, to dance in the moonlight, to join with your star family, and to sit with me.”

Title: Sedona: A Bridge to Now
Being: Universal Mother Mary
Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call 09-03-16

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love

So let’s begin by opening up our beautiful blue chakra, that chakra of brilliant blue, from the softest aquamarine to the deepest sapphire. Our throats are our centers for change and there isn’t one of us at this conjunction of time and space, energy and love, that isn’t an agent and an angel of change. We are the catalyst, we are the implementers, we are the literal bringers of change. We’re the ones in human form that are anchoring Nova Earth and Nova Being, heaven on earth.

So, feel that chakra, that beautiful, bright blue throat chakra open and spin and activate. And let’s balance it with our halion chakra because that has a great deal of blue too. So, come to the base of your rib cage, to your halion chakra, to your bridge between your upper and lower chakras, but more importantly, your bridge to your star family, to your brothers and sisters not from so afar. And this chakra is beautiful mint green but it’s shot through with electric, Electra blue and ashen blue and sometimes a little touch of silver or mauve. So, open up that chakra and feel the harmonious synchronicity of the spinning between your throat and your halion and if you move your hand up a couple of inches you’re at your heart,

So, sink into your heart, sink into your tri-flame, feel that beautiful Pink Diamond, the truth, the beauty, the might, the power of who you are – dead center. And then to the right, feel that beautiful Canary Yellow Diamond of the Father. And on the left, the deep Blue Diamond of the Mother, and switch them if you want, play with them if you want, but let them burn brightly and equally, vibrantly, exuberantly. Let them dance in the brilliance of a new day.

And breathe blue. Breathe the blue of our Mother, breathe the blue of Archangel Michael, the blue of Gaia, of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, every ocean, every sea, every river, every lake – breathe the blue.

And remember the Sea of Galilee; remember where we walked together before in such hope, such excitement and wonder, not only of what lay ahead but the excitement of what we were doing together in community, what we thought was possible, what we were bringing to Earth as we walked with Yeshua, with the Magdalena, and each other. And that didn’t go away. Here we are two thousand years later and it’s still going…good work!

Each of us has our roles to play, each of us made a promise to the Mother long ago, and we will bring this to fulfillment. Feel the love, feel the love as it comes to you, as you breathe it in. But feel the love you have for you, how deep and wonderful and worthy you are; that you have so much to share, so much to give, but also to give to yourself. And go deeper. If there is anything, any speck, any huge boulder of something that doesn’t belong to you, that isn’t in alignment with love, let it go, give it to Mary, hand it over to Her, let it be removed, eliminated, gone once and for all so that all that remains is bright, sparkly, brilliant you.

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, and yes sweet angels of love, Mother of each of you, not merely in an esoteric manner. When I say to you “I am your Mother, I have been your first Mother, I will be your last Mother, and never do I abandon or change that role.” Yes, you are given human mothers and that is an honor and blessing to those who have chosen to carry you, to birth you, to nurture you. And yes, there have been occasions and great occasions of gravity and sadness when that promise has not been fulfilled. But sweet angels of light, it has always been filled and fulfilled by me, by your Father, by our family. Make no mistake about that.

I come this day to invite you and to speak to you about Sedona, about this family gathering that I and my son Yeshua, and my legions of ascended masters have organized and planned. I invite you wherever and whenever possible to come and to join with me. And you say to me, “But Mother, I am always with you and you are always with me.” And yes that is so, but I have enlisted and instructed, gathered, my legions of ascended masters to join with you, to teach you, to assist you, to activate you, to anchor you, to infiltrate you, and to bring you to a new realm of existence, a new realm of consciousness, and a new realm of being upon this planet in the 7th dimension and in the 13th Octave of union with us and with all/All. And you do this as one, we do this as one, as one family, one unit, one heart.

I invite you to my son Yeshua’s City of Light, the New Jerusalem, to sing to the mountains and whisper to the fairies, to dance in the moonlight, to join with your star family, and to sit with me. But even more importantly, or equally importantly, to sit with each other in the harmony, the truth, the peace, the joy and love of who you are.

Beloved ones, many of you think…and I emphasize think…that this transition from the quietude…yes the quietude…of expansion of heart consciousness, of intention and stillpoint, of in many ways being undercover, of moving from that position into a broader role of action and creation…creation and action is seamless and easy – it is not. Is it joyous, exciting, what you have waited for? Yes. But, is it always easy? Is it always smooth? Is it always transparent? Is it always without obstacles? The answer is no and that is one of the reasons I beckon to thee, that you may be fortified as you begin this next chapter of existence…your next adventure, our next adventure, the anchoring of Nova Earth and yes, Nova You, Nova Being in this first City of Light.

Think of this that billions of people are awakening and for many of them it is a bit of a shock. There is a period of transition when you will draw upon the strength, the love, the friendship, the ties of your circle, both near and far, as you go forth in accordance, not with somebody else’s plans, not with somebody else’s missions, but with your sweet promise, the fulfillment of your dreams within our plan. The details are written large but the details are also individual. But that does not mean, my sweet ones, that you proceed alone. To be in isolation, loneliness, separation is a thing of the past and you never wish…and I beg you…never reformulate those paradigms. You will vaguely remember them and this is important so that you do not recreate these abominations of control and greed and abuse, of death and destruction and disease.

Together as the collective you leap forward and you leap into action. This is the time and the time is now. It is a bridge to now, it is a bridge to action, and sweet angel, it is a bridge between us. And it is a bridge that we invite you to cross over and that we will be crossing over…back and forth. We have spoken to you about flying through the portals back and forth…no more portals anchored in your world, your planet, sweet Gaia, all kingdoms as one family, with your Father and Mother and each other, with the legions of angels and archangels, the legions of masters, the legions of every ray, your star family, we go forth.

I am with you sweet ones, now and forever. I am your Mother and I love you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

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