JoyLogoA spiritual workshop is scheduled for Sept. 12-13, 2015 at Linda’s sanctuary home, in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Your service is waking up in the morning and being glad of being alive and of who you are. It is being absolutely in the moment. Yes, there is another component: it is being entwined with others. I use this word very specifically in my merger with you. Entwined is service. It means embracing, putting your hands into others. That is why you do two fingers to the heart. You are not simply touching a person’s chest. You are entwining their heart, weaving and joining with them. That is service. We could replace the term service with play and you would get more clearly the idea of what I am speaking about. It is not drudgery, it is not work. It is what brings sheer joy to you.” (Jesus Sananda on the True Meaning of Service ~ Sept. 17, 2004)

After decades of learning, clearing, creating and celebrating, we enter the New Octave of our journey together as we get ready for this workshop. Archangel Gabrielle tells us “Joy is knowing God; it is the deep knowing of your own wholeness, and it is reflected and held throughout the Universe.” Joy is effortless, joy is grace, joy is laughter and happiness without the cloud of sorrow – not denying the past but acknowledging the place of all people, events and situations in our unfoldment. Joy is what we came here for.

Does you heart yearn for Joy? Not just that temporary reactive state of happiness but Joy – that big smile in the tummy, that golden sense of well-being that permeates every fiber of your being, that fills every part of your day, penetrates everything your do, transmits to everyone you know. Joy is our natural state of being – it is the original form of creation – the form we assumed when the Mother first birthed this planet of Love. We came here as angels in form to have a physical experience of Love and Joy. We came here not to strive or struggle but to simply be in that wondrous creation of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Joy. It’s time to get that sense of wholeness, of being, back.

Everything we as Nova Beings, do – healing, creating, co-creation, teaching, channeling, living, partnership, union – everything we wish to embrace, is dependent upon being in, holding and living in Joy. Love and Joy are the umbrella and the holding basket within which all these activities rest. Over the past several years we have been gifted wonderful tools so that we can fulfill and participate in our role as co-creators of Nova Earth. We are the pathfinders and showers of the way for others as humanity accepts the mantle of Nova Being and the Creator Race. We have prepared for this next step for years; we have dreamed it and brought it into this reality. The time is now, the place is Earth and it occurs now because it is in Divine Timing and perfect alignment with Divine Mind, Heart and Will. But the key ingredient to this unfoldment of the Divine Mother’s Plan is the embrace Joy, or as Jesus Sananda would put it, “to become entwined with it.”

Some of What We’ll Learn, Do & Talk About:

  • The Joy of Stillpoint
  • Archangel Gabriel’s Gifts
  • Learning to Be With Universal Mother Mary
  • Sanat Kumara’s Universal Laws of Creation & The Joy Umbrella
  • Manifestation & Action
  • Breathing, writing, and being Joy
  • Channeling Joy
  • Joy of Movement – Playing with the Golden Luminous Fibers of the Gabriel’s Golden Grid
  • Update on The Cities of Light
  • Updates on Archangel Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative

Linda is opening up her sacred space in her Port St. Lucie, Fla. home for this Gathering. Therefore, it will be an intimate gathering and there is a limited number of seats available.

When: Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12-13, 2015 (with a casual reception on Friday, Sept. 11).
Where: Linda’s sanctuary home, Port St. Lucie, Fla.
What: A mini-gathering that includes workshop book, downloadable audio meditations, Friday evening reception, channelings music, and much more.
Workshop fee: $444; (Flex-pay of $111 per month for 4 months available.)
To register, visit The Sacred Store.

Airport: The closest airport is Palm Beach International, located about one hour south of the workshop location.
Accommodations: A list of nearby hotels will be provided upon registration for the workshop.
Need a roommate? Send us a note in your registration form, and we’ll begin working on that for you.
Parking: There is plenty of parking at the workshop location.

This gathering is for those who simply want to find and express their Joy in an environment of unity and community – a gathering to express our continued commitment and love for Mother Earth and each other. This is a workshop for pioneers, teachers, healers, star beings, intergalactic transmitters, shamans, medicine men and women, warriors, fairies, earth-keepers, elementals, angels, and halion engineers – in other words this is a workshop for each and every person who has ever witnessed a beautiful sunset, a quiet morning, or wished upon a shooting star. This is for everybody whose heart soars with the gold of sunrise and who yearns for peace and prosperity for all beings upon the Earth and far beyond. This is a workshop for everybody who has ever wished to find that quiet place of serenity and the still-point. This is for the strong individual who is committed to becoming all that they can be – the fulfillment of their potential and promise. If you have been with us at the Sedona Gathering each year or never before you are welcome; everybody is – come join the Circle. The only question you need to ask about coming is Are you ready to embrace Joy? Will you?