Jesus Sananda speaks of the themes for 2013 and the coming proof of change

daydreamOn our Saturday Conferrence call Linda gave us an updated way to connect with the heart of Gaia in the 5th dimension and then Jesus Sananda asked us to accept that the “old 3rd” is gone, to embrace change, and to look for him as we walk our path…

The other thing that I wanted to talk about this morning before we channel is Wa’ka’na’taka has been coming through a lot and as you know Wa’ka’na’taka is an ancient, ancient soul being, spirit being, that used to be the Keeper of the Keepers of the Council Fire and then when we all graduated, as it were, he became our Earth’s Representative to the Inter-Galactic Council and he seems to be very front and center and he’s not a talker, usually he just shows up, a lot like Lao Tzu he just sort of stares at you and telepathically tells you what’s what.

But, when I was channeling with one of you on line this week she brought up something really important and as you know I don’t often remember what I channel, but this was so important that I wanted to remember it and I wanted to share it with all of you because it’s something that I’m hearing from many of you and that is that she was having difficulty anchoring in Gaia and I had noticed with myself that I was anchoring with Gaia very differently as well. And the guidance was, because Gaia’s ascended, if you think of Gaia she’s brushing the 3rd, she’s brushing the 7th, but her heart is anchored in the 5th, so if there was a big cord anchoring the planet to the heart of One it would be in the 5th dimension. And so, how we’re anchoring with her is different. And so I wanted to share with you what I’m seeing and what I’m doing and what I believe the guidance was, maybe it got changed a little but…and now we’re going to do it too.

But it’s to anchor with Gaia, which is still very important, in fact it’s probably more important now that she’s in the 5th because we don’t want to be flying off anywhere, we want to be really anchored in that reality. So the anchoring is coming from our heart chakra rather than our root chakra, so what you do is you anchor in your heart like we always do and then you pull that anchor, that rope, you know our cord, down and then you feel it come out of your root, because you don’t want to ignore your lower chakras, that for sure, and then you anchor it down through your heart, through your lower chakras, into Gaia. But what I’m seeing, because before what used to happen was that the root, that red rope would just go down, down, down until we were firmly anchored in Gaia, now it seems to be looping up, like a big U, and into the heart of Gaia in the 5th. And what I’m doing to make sure I’m double anchored is I’m also sending a cord or a beam of light from my heart chakra directly into the heart of Gaia as well. So, I’m doing double duty right now, I don’t know why, but I am.

So, let’s start with that and we’ll move and see what Jeshua has to say about this wonderful new year.

So let’s take a nice deep breath of magenta. Open your crown all the way down your chakras to your root and focus your energy in your heart chakra and feel that wonderful emerald green and also feel that precious tri-flame burning brightly; the Blue Diamond, the Pink Diamond, and the Gold Diamond and if they’re at all out of balance, your Sacred Self, your Divine Feminine, your Divine Masculine, just give yourself a second and bring it back into balance.

And take a nice deep breath of emerald, the emerald of Ireland, that perfect balance of bluie-green, feel your heart expanding and making room for all of you. Now feel this golden cord that runs far above your head into your higher chakras, 13th, 14th, 15th, directly to the heart of One and let’s go together to the 13th Octave. Put your fingertips together, three clicks of the tongue. Now feel that golden cord that runs through you, through your central channel, through your entire being and feel it in your heart and feel your energy focused and anchored in your heart. And then I want you to look in front of you and to see Gaia as this magnificent blue and emerald, golden orb floating in front of you, far enough away that you would have to reach out to connect, but close enough to connect and embrace. So simply see the planet, our beloved Earth, in front of you hovering. Big.

Now from your heart chakra continue down, down that golden red rope through your solar plexus, your umbilical, your sacral, your pelvis, your root and feel that rope, that cord to everything coming out of your root chakra and send it out into space and if you want, feel the ropes also coming out of the feet, out of the arches of your feet and send these cords, these wonderful cords of love and connection out to Gaia, out to the heart of Gaia that is hovering in front of you. So out through her outer field, through that hologram of the old 3rd, through the outer core, through layers of oceans and land, her physicality, down through the molten layers, through hollow Earth, down, yes the Council Fire is still there, it’s simply anchored in a different place and give that cord to Gaia, or cords.

And do the same with the cord from your heart to her heart and the feeling I’d like you to have is almost magnetic, that somehow you’ve got those big magnetic boots on when they anchored on the Moon the first time. So feel that deep connection; wait until you feel the click. Good.

And do this every day if you feel spacey, if you feel like I’m straddling dimensions, I don’t know where I am, or I feel tearful, go to Gaia, let her comfort you, let her nourish you and give you whatever you need. Go to the 13th Octave, to the heart of Mother/Father/One, anchor in your heart and then anchor in Gaia.

“Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Jeshua, welcome, welcome my beloved ones, welcome to this time of new year, of new time, of change of reality, of unification of heart and glorious acceptance of who you are. Yes, these are the themes that I have been speaking of for this year of 2013, this time of fulfillment, this time of change, of unity and community and of letting go and in that letting go, not of struggle but of embrace.

Each of you have had experiences where a loved one or a child is crying and crying and fighting you and trying to get away and then comes the moment of release when the loved one or the child simply melts into your arms and into your heart and allows the love to flow. That is what I want you to do with us, with the Mother, the Father, and I, your guides, the Council, but it is also what I ask of you to do with your sacred self and each other, for this is unity.

You cannot have separate pieces of who you are and you cannot have separate pieces of your family of soul and your family of humanity. Yes it is a time of change and I know that many of you seek the physical symbols, the presence of change and you will have it in spades. But it will also manifest in you, in your life and what you are choosing to co-create, not only with us but with Gaia.

Beloved ones, she has shifted and whether you know it, acknowledge it, embrace it or not, you have shifted. Is it subtle? Yes. Is it dramatic? Yes. But the reason you don’t sense all the drama is a significant piece of this is letting go of what you have previously thought of as drama. There is no place for it, there is no need.

In previous times, eons, you have used drama as a catalyst not only to change but to learn, to expand, to come to know. You have passed that point. You reclaim yourself as creator and co-creator and I welcome you. Long ago when we have walked and talked together as family, as friends, as acquaintances, and in some cases even as allies and enemies, you would say to me, “Jeshua, these changes that you seek, of loving yourself and loving your neighbor are beautiful and I agree with you, or I disagree with you, but do not think that it is realistic, that everything is going to change, that society is going to embrace what you say.”

And I would look you right in the eye and touch your heart and I would say, “But that depends on you.” And some of you agreed, some of you remained skeptical, some of you turned away. It did not matter because the message did not change and you carried it with you and it stayed with you and it grew until you have reached this point, individually and collectively, where all you want is love and peace and joy. There are many add-ons, many frills, but that is the core of it and it is not something you are arriving at, it is already there. And the yearning, the insistence, the commanding and demanding is already there and you seek unity with each other, with yourself, with Gaia, with the Cities of Light, and with us who walk the planet yet again.

There will be tangible change but you are co-creating this with us. It is not being done to you or for you, it is being done with you because you are capable of it, you always have been. I am not skeptical, I am not afraid, I am overjoyed that the fulfillment of the promise is finally underway.

My beloved friends, my brothers and sisters you are my heart, you are my love, you are my family. I do not ask you to walk with me, I ask you to let me walk with you in quiet, joyous acceptance. Acceptance too often in the old realm contained an element of letting go of defeat; this is not defeat, this is victory and it is ours. So embrace the change, it is what you have awaited, it is what we all have awaited, and it is now. Go in peace and look for me. Farewell.”

Channeled by Linda Dillon 01-05-13