The Gift of Jesus Sananda’s Magenta Tri-flame

Jesus Sananda has requested me to re-post this channeling today on the gift of his Magenta Tri-Flame – enjoy. This is an incredible gifting from Jesus Sananda to each of us. It is a 2 part series, and I would recommend you do them in order. The vibration is miraculous. “You have asked me “How do I heal?” I healed with Love. It is the fuel of everything. It is the instantaneous recognition by both parties, by you and by the one you either glance at or touch, that they are fully and completely loved. And that every fiber, every sub-atomic particle, every atom is moved and filled by Love. And when that instantaneous transmission takes place healing occurs, it need not take longer than an instant.” Jesus Sananda

Part 1
I AM Lord Jesus Sananda. I AM Jeshua. And I also welcome you this day. And I ask the channel to open her eyes so that I may behold my friends and see your bright light. I wish to give to each of you this day my magenta tri-flame. And it is the flame of strength, and it is the flame of compassion, and it is the flame of instantaneous healing of Love.
You have asked me “How do I heal?” I healed with Love. It is the fuel of everything. It is the instantaneous recognition by both parties, by you and by the one you either glance at or touch, that they are fully and completely loved. And that every fiber, every sub-atomic particle, every atom is moved and filled by Love. And when that instantaneous transmission takes place healing occurs, it need not take longer than an instant. You may spend an hour with your friends but the healing is instantaneous. It is the acknowledgement of the perfection of God in the participation, the participation that does not stop. It is only interrupted by human ego. So when you send that vibration of Love, when you ignite, it is done. It does not take hours or days, you do not have hours or days, I do not ask you to take hours or days.

I walk with you as brother, not as one who is ascended or favored. I walk next to you as one who loves you. So when you have that moment of hesitation even that I have experienced, feel my hand upon your chest and let me remind you of the strength and compassion and Love that I hold for you, that I give freely to you. Sweet friend, I have walked the Earth as man, as prophet, as sinner. Do you know how many times I have been called blasphemer? It is funny, it is ironic, and do you know how to respond to those when they say it exactly the same way, even more so, for they are in the desolation of their own despair. You Love them, you bless them, and you hold this compassion for them for they cannot see and that is a terrible way to live in a human form. And it is exclusive to the human form. So come my friends, stand…….

Pause and receive the gift of Jesus Sananda’s magenta tri-flame in your heart.

The Gift of Jesus Sananda’s Magenta Tri-flame – Part 2

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jesus Christ, Saviour, Son of God. I am Jeshua, son of Mary. I am Jeshua, brother of your heart and brother of your soul, and I am pleased and thankful to be able to step forward this day and to embrace you my brothers and sisters, with my tri-flame of magenta and with this gentle strength. It is a gentle strength but it is unbreakable for it is not brittle and it is not demanding, and it is able to flex where it has need to, for really what is compassion except flexibility. It is the ability to extend yourself, to yourself, to others, to your collective and to your world. And to understand what it is that is being experienced, not to assume the energy of that experience, but to understand it, and in the understanding to send the Love, support and gentle strength in ways that help, in ways that support, in ways that soothe and comfort and nurture.

Archangel Michael’s peace initiative goes exceptionally well. My brothers and sisters we have talked about the changes that are prominent and underway upon the planet, and the birthing, the anchoring not only of Nova Earth but the Cities of Light.

As we talk of this in tones that are of excitement and power and forward thinking, we do not forget all of your brothers and sisters who are suffering. And that is where I wish to take you this day. This is why I have asked this channel to speak to you in this manner. So often we focus on what is occurring in your nation of the United States of America, but I wish you to expand your hearts and minds this day and to look at Terra Gaia and to look at all humanity that is upon this Earth and who are suffering in one way or another.

Oh, there are many of you who have studied and say ‘well, suffering is a choice Master’, and I turn to you, my teachers, my healers, my disciples and I say, Yes, part of suffering is a choice, part of it is sometimes in the divine plan, either of the soul, the individual or the group, but I say to you where is the compassion in such a statement? Is it not sad that any being, consciously, unconsciously, or in accordance with God, would choose suffering? For even when it serves and teachers – it hurts!

Do you not think that when I have watched so much suffering as I walked the Earth that it did not touch my heart? Of course it did. No, it did not disable me, but the compassion led me to my healing ministry. Do not think it did not hurt when they flogged me and laid the thorns in my head. Yes it was in divine order, and it was my choice to endure, but I know each one of you had compassion and still do for that situation. So why would it be any less for any human being who suffers? And I want to say especially this day those who suffer alone in the dark, who do not know that they are loved and supported, that do not see the faint light of hope. So I ask you this day, with me, together hand in hand in hand, from the place of union in the 13th octave, I ask us to send this Love and compassion and strength, the stamina to continue on. I ask us as one circle, united in our Love, to send this energy right now to all in pain; we will do so quietly, let us begin…

Pause and do this ~ send the energy of Compassion and Love around the Globe.

Let them know of our Love, and let them know of our compassion.

The Love heals, that is all there is. Now give this to each other. Send the Love and compassion and strength to continue on, to each other.

You are a circle of Love, you are the Council of Love on Earth, and yes you wear many hats and many faces, but you are one. And it is in this place that you receive the support, not only from me, my beloved friends, but from each other. You have need to remember that there is no trial, no tribulation, no dream, and no creation, that can not be healed and brought forth.

Do not limit what you know to be true. Our Almighty Mother and Father are powerful beyond any imagination, and the power is sweet, it is gentle, it is pervasive. So do not be modest in your prayers and your requests, and in those prayers and requests do not forget those who are in pain and suffering: a child in Africa with no clean water, the young man in prison with no dream of the future, the mother who does not have enough money to buy milk, the father who does not know whether he can pay the mortgage, the young woman who dreams of love, the old man who waits for his children to come. Include them in your prayers, give them our compassion, our strength and Love and then give it always to yourself and each other. I fortify this circle, I have need of you. You are so deeply loved, beyond measure, you judge yourselves but I know you. I know your magnificence, I know your flame, I know your soul, I know your history, and I trust you, and I entrust you with this task.
There is no victory of peace where there is separation and when you send this Love and compassion it heals separation, it dissolves it.
So go with my love, my ever present love, and compassion. Farewell.

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Linda Dillon

Linda Dillon is an internationally acclaimed channel, teacher, author and healer. She has channeled the higher realms and the Council of Love (COL) since 1984, after a near-death experience from a car accident opened her heart to her true purpose.

The Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance composed of angels, archangels, enlightened saints, the apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and the ascended masters. The purpose of the Council is the transmission of the Divine Radiance and Love into the hearts of all beings who wish to align and receive. The Council are messengers of the One and the message is Love. The primary messenger for the Council is Archangel Gabrielle.