2011 Sedona Gathering: Are you Ready for The Shift?

It doesn’t matter if you call it The Shift, Ascension, Descension; 12:12, the end of the Mayan Calendar, Divine Union, entering the 5th or 7th dimension – it’s all the same.

You have been experiencing the energetic shifts of Gaia and humanity. You have witnessed the earthquakes, the tsunamis, the floods, the droughts; you have witnessed the crumbling of the financial institutions, Wall Street, the housing and mortgage market, bankrupt nations – Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey; the stock market dips and sways; you have witnessed the devastation caused by the conjoining of nature and man – the Gulf oil spill, the nuclear meltdown, and the extinction of species. You have seen the human cry for freedom as they break the shackles of tyranny throughout the Middle East.

So what’s going on, how do you handle these changes and how to you prepare for the greater changes to come?

The message from the Council has always been the same – all are welcomed to Nova Earth – this is not and never has been about exclusion – about some being welcomed and others found wanting – that is not of love. So what do we do to raise our frequencies to a place where we are in harmony with all of creation? So that we thrive not merely survive.

The answer has always been the same – Love, be in your heart. However, there is an alignment and patterning similar to the creation codes that we need to embrace to make this transition to the higher (or as the Council says different) realm. This attunement is not best completely as an isolated individual but as One Circle – one circle gathered in sacred purpose in Sedona on October 28 – 30, 2011.

Since 1987 the Council of Love has spoken to me about The Shift. An incredible amount of information has been downloaded – some of it very disturbing and some of it so beautiful and enchanting that helps me hang on. The COL speaks of the unfoldment of the Universal Mother’s plan of restoring love on Earth. They speak of Love as the core energy of all.

Many of the predictions of dramatic devastation and pole shifts have been tempered by the awakening of so many lightholders. The healing that has been sent to Gaia, the reconnection with her heart has healed a great deal; created different potential for a smoother transition through The Shift.

Still as Gaia stretches into her new self there will be earth changes. Similarly, as we, the human collective, stretch into our new expanded etheric bodies and energy fields there will be changes. You have been witnessing these changes in spades for the past several years; intensely for the last two.

But now the push is on. It’s time, yes again, to raise our vibrations to the highest level of love and unity. To vibrate as one with all kingdoms, all elements and elementals, all realities, with our star brothers and sisters, with Gaia and with each other.

The activation of this higher vibratory pattern begins with us – with the exercise of our free will to align as never before, to step forward as never before, to be counted and accountable as never before. It’s what we have waited and prayed for; and our heart and soul’s deepest desire. That’s why we gather in Sedona – to complete what we began so long ago.

This alignment, re-patterning and expansion are conducted with and by the Council of Love. It will be intense, joyful and you will never be the same. The biggest obstacle to this Shift has been the fear of letting go of what is – time to toss that one away and step forward. Are you ready?

When: The Gathering will take place in Sedona on Oct. 28–30, 2011. The Council has been very insistent that it take place before 11:11:11.

Where: We will come together in the panoramic setting of the Agave Center adjacent to the Best Western Inn of Sedona -800-292-6344 or www.innofsedona.com . Room rates are $159 (plus tax) per night, double occupancy. Remember to mention that you are with the Council of Love Gathering.

Cost: The cost of the Gathering is $454. per person, which includes the Saturday night banquet. As always we have a payment plan available for $154.33 for three months. (See details at MyCouncilStore.com)

For more information, See the details at My Council Store

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