A Call for a Worldwide March of Millions, March 6, 2011

This clarion call by fellow lightholder Steve Beckow for a stepping forward in what Yahweh has termed “meaningful, conscious action” is important in breaking loose all the old false paradigms of Old Earth, and claiming our birthright to Joy, Love and Co-creation.
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Then follow your heart.

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Linda Dillon

Linda Dillon is an internationally acclaimed channel, teacher, author and healer. She has channeled the higher realms and the Council of Love (COL) since 1984, after a near-death experience from a car accident opened her heart to her true purpose.

The Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance composed of angels, archangels, enlightened saints, the apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and the ascended masters. The purpose of the Council is the transmission of the Divine Radiance and Love into the hearts of all beings who wish to align and receive. The Council are messengers of the One and the message is Love. The primary messenger for the Council is Archangel Gabrielle.