Greetings, I am Maria of Guadalupe. I am Universal Mother and Mother of Mercy – and many of you have been asking for mercy, and dear ones it is yours. Understand that this is a time of transition within your sacred being and upon the Earth. We tell you this time and time again – the difficulty upon the physical body is noted but cannot be interfered with. Yes it can be lessened and softened – the same way dear ones that we have asked you to send gentle healing energies to the Earth, to the oceans to soften the waves, to gentle the oceans, to cleanse the rivers. Many of you have done this and we suggest that you do it for yourselves as well.

I come to you this day to speak of courage, of the ability to go forward. Courage is the ability to go forward – it is the willingness and the action of going forward no matter what. It contains no if. So it does not mean, “if this happens, then I can go forward; if this is in place I can go forward; that is not the way that this energy transpires. You are taking and committed to action dear one and it is regardless of where you stand – on the grid, in your life, in your location, in your environment. You have said long ago, “Mother I will”. Courage implies action – it is not a standing still, it is a full embrace of Love; it is the full embrace of the knowingness that you are God in form and capable of anything. Creation does not happen without enormous courage, fortitude and stamina. Now do I mean dear child for you to go out in the desert and fast for 40 days? No. Dear ones, this is my garden, it is the desert blooming with roses, it is the place I invite you to play. So the courage is the ability to begin and say I will play – I will risk playing and trust that I am taken care of – that is what courage is and I bestow it upon each and every one of you again this day. Where your medallion of gold proudly child and know that I am with you constantly. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon on Nov 15, 2003